Thanks to America’s investment in science, we helped create the medicines that treat and cure illness, the renewable energy fueling a clean tomorrow, and the communication technologies that connect family and friends across the globe. Science and engineering have taken us to the depths of the ocean and the height of the stars with myriad discoveries in between.

As the next generation of student innovators, where will your imagination lead? How can investment in scientific research propel a brighter future?

The Science Coalition (TSC), a nonprofit, nonpartisan group of more than 50 research universities, is hosting a video challenge for students like you to tell us your stories! 

TSC is dedicated to growing America’s investment in fundamental science, but we cannot take support for research funding for granted. At a time of competing priorities, it is important that Congress hear why robust federal support for research is critical for our future. 

The power of a great story can change the world. We need your help – your stories – to spread the word about why science matters. Help us remind Congress that now is the time to invest in science, that now is the time to Fund it Forward! 

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Create a 60 – 90 second video detailing why scientific research matters for our future.

Be sure to include the following elements in your video:

  1. Who you are, and the institution/university at which you study/work.
  2. Insert your example of interesting research and how it benefits the world now and/or could benefit the world in the future. The example can be from your own research or others’ research.
  3. Explain why continued federal support for fundamental research is critical to our nation’s future. In other words, why should Congress “Fund it Forward?”
  4. (Optional, but strongly recommended) Acknowledge the funding sponsor(s) for the research. Ask your PI or professor if you don’t know! See the FAQ section for more information.


Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students who are affiliated with TSC member institutions are eligible to participate in the challenge. Students from all academic disciplines are welcome to participate as individuals or in teams. All participants must be 18 years of age or older. Participants must self-certify their eligibility as part of the online submission.

Graduate student and undergraduate student entries will be judged in two separate tracks. Finalists and winners will be selected from each track independently of the other track.


Seven cash prizes are awarded and winning videos will be featured on TSC’s website and social media. 

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

People’s Choice Award (Open to Graduates and Undergraduates)

∔Only the top ranked videos as deemed by TSC judges will be named finalists and open to People’s Choice voting from November 13 – 25, 2019. 


  • September 3: Video challenge begins
  • October 21: Deadline for submission at 11:59 p.m. PST
  • November 12: Finalists announced
  • November 13 – 25: Voting period for finalist videos
  • December 9: Winners notified


For a full copy of the participants’ guide with complete rules and requirements, please click here.

Questions can be sent to