Create a 60 – 90 second video responding to this challenge.

Group entries must have a designated team leader for communications about technical and administrative issues and, where applicable, for finalist and winner notification. 

There are no restrictions about how you make your video – you can talk to the camera, use props, incorporate animations, etc. The goal is to get creative.

Be sure to include the following elements in your video:

1. Who you are, and the institution/university at which you study/work.

2. Insert your example of interesting research and how it benefits the world now and/or could benefit the world in the future. The example can be from your own research or others’ research.

3. Explain why continued federal support for fundamental research is critical to our nation’s future. In other words, why should Congress “Fund it Forward?” 

4. (Optional, but strongly recommended) Acknowledge the funding sponsor(s) for the research. Ask your PI or professor if you don’t know! See the FAQ section for more information.