In a divisive political environment, investment in research is something everyone, regardless of party affiliation, can endorse. Our country’s scientific enterprise has for decades been a powerhouse for innovation and economic prosperity.

Importantly, it is not just research universities who understand this – voters agree. Recent TSC polling shows nearly all voters (94 percent) believe the United States should be the global leader in scientific research and technology, and the majority (82 percent) approve of the federal government providing public funds to achieve this.

TSC members appreciate – as do the American people – that federal research investment can uniquely help solve society’s most pressing problems. Cutting-edge advances in health care, energy innovation/sustainability, agriculture, and national security are underpinned by the special relationship between America’s research universities and federal research agencies. What’s more, there are few investments more catalytic for new industries, more jobs, and expanded economic growth than the basic science that enables discovery and development.

In short, protecting stable, predictable investment in fundamental research is one of the most impactful ways to secure America’s continued leadership. During the upcoming campaign TSC urges candidates from all parties and ideologies to remember that fundamental science is central to progress on the issues most important to voters.

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