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The type of fundamental research that builds knowledge, fuels innovation, and is essential to the economy requires the type of long-term, sustained funding that only the federal government can provide. Yet, the past decade of depressed science funding and the future cuts required by sequestration put a generation of innovation at risk.

Urge Congress to make funding for scientific research a national priority before it is too late by calling your representative or writing them a letter.

Explain who you are and how research affects you:

  • I am a student at [insert university] studying [insert subject] and I hope to pursue a career in…
  • I am an NSF/NIH/DOE/DOD/USDA-funded researcher who runs a lab that employs [number of people] and depend on federal funding to…
  • I work at [name of company] and our core technology is the result of federally funded research.  Federal research funding enabled us to start our company…
  • I am/my family is affected by [medical condition/disease] and funding for biomedical research is essential to…
  • I work in [industry] and I am worried that we are not keeping pace with other nations when it comes to investing in the research that will enable the United States to maintain its innovation edge…
  • My company supplies [product/technology] that enables researchers to […]. When funding slows so does our business, which employs [number of people].

Provide examples and a personal perspective that help illustrate your point, for instance:

  • Because of reduced funding, I am worried that I won’t be able to find a research position in a lab while I pursue my graduate work.
  • Many of my friends who thought they would enter research are now pursuing non-science careers.
  • I have already had to reduce the number of people in my lab and worry that I may have to make more cuts if my grant isn’t extended or is reduced.
  • Because of sequestration, I had to significantly scale back my research project, which diminishes its potential impact.
  • When other countries are investing in research and the United States stands still, I worry about the jobs of the future and where they will be.
  • Because of the federal research funding that supported our work [years/decades ago], we were able to create a company that today [what do you do] and employs [number of people]. We were lucky. As we face years of stalled research funding, the United States may miss out on a whole generation of new innovative companies.

Close by restating your reason for writing, for example:

  • I urge you to work with your colleagues in Congress to make federal funding for research a national priority. It is essential to [finding cures/creating jobs/growing the economy/reducing the deficit …].