WASHINGTON – The Science Coalition (TSC) today issued the following statement after Congress passed a 45-day continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government through November 17, hurtling the U.S. research enterprise into a needless period of uncertainty.

“While the tangible effects of a 45-day funding patch are variable in the short-term, any length of funding uncertainties destabilizes research agencies and their university partners. Although employees at federal science agencies may be able to continue working during this time, unanswered questions about their budgets for Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 will slow the proposal review process and prevent new projects from commencing. At a time when our global competitors are accelerating their investments in innovation, our federal lawmakers – who only last year passed the historic CHIPS and Science Act – should be leading the charge to bolster our national innovation economy and ensure researchers have the necessary federal funding to thrive.”

“Congress’ pattern of continuing resolutions in place of a full-year spending agreement for the coming fiscal year is unsustainable. The Science Coalition urges Congress to return to the negotiating table to work out an agreement to provide timely funding for key science programs and agencies.”

A recent nationwide poll conducted by TSC found the American public overwhelmingly supports increased federal investment in fundamental research, and a majority of voters believe scientific investment should increase annually.



About the Science Coalition

Established in 1994, The Science Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of more than 50 of the nation’s leading public and private research universities. It is dedicated to sustaining the federal government’s investment in basic scientific research as a means to stimulate the economy, spur innovation, and drive America’s global competitiveness.