WASHINGTON – The Science Coalition (TSC) released the following statement after Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) to provide stopgap funding for the federal government, including key research agencies, averting a government shutdown through December 11:  

Although this short-term funding bill pushes back the threat of a government shutdown, this stop-and-go pace of funding the federal government is detrimental to America’s research enterprise,” said TSC President Lauren Brookmeyer. Short-term solutions are insufficient for federal research agencies as they cope with delays and disruptions to non-COVID related work. Patchwork funding arrangements hurt ongoing research projects, hinder economic growth, and leave the United States vulnerable to the next publichealth crisis.  

The solution for stabilizing the research ecosystem requires predictable, sustained long-term funding coupled with emergency research reliefWe urge Congress to protect the future of innovation and discovery by passing a robust spending package for Fiscal Year 2021.”  

For more information on the cutting-edge research TSC institutions are conducting to combat COVID-19, visit our page here. 


About the Science Coalition 

Established in 1994, the Science Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of more than 50 of the nation’s leading public and private research universities. It is dedicated to sustaining the federal government’s investment in basic scientific research as a means to stimulate the economy, spur innovation, and drive America’s global competitiveness.