As we close out a successful 2019, The Science Coalition (TSC) is pleased to welcome new leadership to its Board of Directors, which will be headed by our new 2020 president, Lauren Brookmeyer of Stony Brook University.

Brookmeyer is a DC-based government relations and external affairs specialist, and leader in the higher education community. Serving on TSC’s Board of Directors this past year, Brookmeyer was instrumental in leading the coalition’s communications efforts, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her in this new position.

We also elected new leaders to our Board of Directors, who will each be serving two-year terms:

  • Betsy Boyd of the University of Oregon;
  • Clayton Cox of the University of Rochester;
  • Jake Dowd of the University of Nebraska; and
  • Laura McAleer of the University of Notre Dame.

They will join returning Board members, who include:

  • Rana Altenburg of Marquette University;
  • Nicole Carlotto of the University of California system;
  • Peter DeYoe of Harvard University;
  • Steve Gerencser of Brown University; and
  • John Latini of Pennsylvania State University.

Educating the public and Congress about the importance of fundamental scientific research and advocating for continued, robust federal investment requires strong leadership. We trust our 2020 President and Board of Directors will be the team our coalition needs to reach our goals. We look forward to seeing where they take us in the new year.