WASHINGTON – This year, The Science Coalition (TSC) is marking its 25th anniversary as an unwavering advocate for federal investment in fundamental scientific research. Established in 1994, TSC brings together the nation’s leading public and private research institutions to communicate the importance of partnerships between the federal government and America’s research universities.

“Over the past 25 years, The Science Coalition has been a leading voice in support of federal investment in fundamental scientific research at our nation’s universities,” said Heather Bené, TSC President and Assistant Vice President of Research and Federal Relations at the University of Colorado Boulder. “TSC celebrates a quarter-century of economic growth, innovation, and a generation of new leaders who have been inspired by science. Our mission today is the same as it was when we were founded: Fight for sustained, predictable, and robust federal funding in fundamental research to ensure that America remains the global leader in science and innovation.”

TSC’s programs and initiatives demonstrate the many ways in which scientific research stimulates the economy, spurs innovation, and drives American competitiveness. The real-life impact of these investments serve as the premise of TSC’s Sparking Economic Growth reports, which highlight companies created as a direct result of federally funded university research. Another signature TSC initiative celebrates members of Congress whose actions and votes consistently reflect their commitment to fundamental science. More than 90 members of Congress have been honored with the Champion of Science Award over the past two decades.

Throughout the year, TSC will mark its milestone anniversary under the theme, “Thanks to Science,” underscoring scientific advancements in the past 25 years and to inspire future research and innovation.

A recent nationwide poll conducted by TSC found that the American public overwhelmingly supports federal investment in fundamental research and a majority of voters believe scientific investment should increase.


About the Science Coalition

Established in 1994, the Science Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of more than 50 of the nation’s leading public and private research universities. It is dedicated to sustaining the federal government’s investment in basic scientific research as a means to stimulate the economy, spur innovation, and drive America’s global competitiveness.