The Science Coalition is extremely disappointed that the deadline for sequestration has come and gone with no plan for mitigating the harm of these indiscriminate cuts to discretionary spending. Funding for scientific research will be particularly hard-hit. Already a small portion of the overall federal budget, funding for scientific research will be reduced by nearly $95 billion through sequestration over the next nine years. And these cuts are in addition to the tight caps on discretionary spending already put in place by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

Basic scientific research – funded by the federal government and conducted in partnership with universities and national labs across the country – drives innovation, produces economic growth, contributes to workforce development and keeps our country competitive. The Science Coalition has consistently expressed deep concern about the negative consequences of sequestration since it became law. Now, during our nation’s economic recovery, is not the time to cut federal investment in basic research. It is our strong hope that the conversations among political leaders taking place today at the White House and in the near future produce a path forward that prioritizes America’s ability to make smart investments like funding basic scientific research.

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