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Golden Goose Award

The Science Coalition is a founding organization of the Golden Goose Award. The purpose of the Golden Goose Award is to demonstrate the human and economic benefits of federally funded research by highlighting examples of seemingly obscure studies that have led to major breakthroughs and resulted in significant societal impact.


Innovation Deficit

Close the Innovation Deficit is an effort by the business, higher education, scientific, and high-tech manufacturing communities who are concerned about cuts and stagnating federal investments in research and higher education at a time when other nations are investing heavily in these areas. The Science Coalition supports the effort to Close the Innovation Deficit and believes sustained federal investments in research and higher education are necessary to develop the ideas, people, and innovations that power our economy, create jobs, improve health, and strengthen our national security.



What does science hold for the future? SCIENCE 2034 is an initiative by The Science Coalition to mark our 20th anniversary by looking forward 20 years and focusing on the possibilities of the future.

While we don’t know what the next “Big Thing” will be, we can make some educated predictions about how well-funded scientific research might change our lives and our world. At www.Science2034.org we ask scientists, policymakers and thought leaders to weigh in and tell us what they think science will enable 20 years from now and what that will mean to individuals, society and the world.


The Science Coalition

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Higher Education Group Lashes Out At Congress For Research Cuts

A group representing a multitude of business and education interests sent a letter to Congress and the White House Friday, warning that the nation's "innovation deficit" will continue to grow...

As Shutdown Continues, University Research Doesn’t

Congress can only shut down the federal government. It can’t stop time. The first 10 days of the shutdown passed with only hints of progress on Capitol Hill. But trained rats...

The seeds that federal money can plant

Louis Von Ahn, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, sold one Internet start-up to Google in 2009, and is now on to another. With the new company, Duolingo, he...

Scientists Deserve Our Respect, Not Our Ridicule

You’ve likely never heard of Dr. John Eng, but if you’re one of nearly 26 million Americans who suffer from diabetes, you may be familiar with his work. More than...

2013 'Golden Goose' awards honor strange science

Politicians have their pick of strange-sounding studies when they want to call for cuts to science spending. A duck genitalia researcher was forced to defend her work earlier this year. Before...

Odd Science: What Looks Like a Big Goose Egg May Actually Be Golden

Thursday, the U.S. Congress honored researchers who studied lizard spit, taught computers how to identify true love, and boiled bacteria. The punchline, such as it is, wasn’t that the politicians...

University Presidents Urge the President and Congress: Close the Innovation Deficit

Our nation’s role as the world’s innovation leader is in serious jeopardy. The combination of eroding federal investments in research and higher education, additional cuts due to sequestration, and the...

Second Annual Golden Goose Awards Ceremony Honors Odd, Obscure Research that Led to Kidney Exchange, Diabetes Medicine, Biotech Industry

Six researchers, including two Nobel Prize winners, were honored at the second annual Golden Goose Award ceremony on September 19. The award celebrates researchers whose seemingly odd or obscure federally...

Decades on, bacterium’s discovery feted as paragon of basic science

Over time, the esoteric and sometimes downright strange quests of science have proven easy targets for politicians and others looking for perceived examples of waste in government — and a...

Awards Honor Serendipity and Humor in Science

Science doesn't always proceed neatly from A to B to C. Basic research is guided by curiosity and involves accidents and serendipity, as well as thought, planning, and hard work. When...

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