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Golden Goose Award

The Science Coalition is a founding organization of the Golden Goose Award. The purpose of the Golden Goose Award is to demonstrate the human and economic benefits of federally funded research by highlighting examples of seemingly obscure studies that have led to major breakthroughs and resulted in significant societal impact.


Innovation Deficit

Close the Innovation Deficit is an effort by the business, higher education, scientific, and high-tech manufacturing communities who are concerned about cuts and stagnating federal investments in research and higher education at a time when other nations are investing heavily in these areas. The Science Coalition supports the effort to Close the Innovation Deficit and believes sustained federal investments in research and higher education are necessary to develop the ideas, people, and innovations that power our economy, create jobs, improve health, and strengthen our national security.



What does science hold for the future? SCIENCE 2034 is an initiative by The Science Coalition to mark our 20th anniversary by looking forward 20 years and focusing on the possibilities of the future.

While we don’t know what the next “Big Thing” will be, we can make some educated predictions about how well-funded scientific research might change our lives and our world. At www.Science2034.org we ask scientists, policymakers and thought leaders to weigh in and tell us what they think science will enable 20 years from now and what that will mean to individuals, society and the world.


The Science Coalition

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Riding the innovation wave

‘THE FIRST step in winning the future is encouraging American innovation,’’ President Obama said to a concerned nation in his State of the Union address. Our nation has a remarkable...

Task Force on American Innovation Letter to U.S. Senate

Most of the undersigned organizations signed a November 5, 2010 letter to you in support of the reauthorization of the America COMPETES Act. We applaud the Senate for engaging in the hard...

Federal funding of research crucial

President Barack Obama has pledged to help the United States "reach a level of research and development we haven't seen since the height of the space race."


TSC Co-Hosts Reception Recognizing Retiring House Appropriations Chair Dave Obey

The Science Coalition, in conjunction with the Association of American Medical Colleges, Association of American Universities and Association of Public and Land-grant Universities hosted a reception in recognition of retiring...

Headliner Breakfast Featuring Congresswoman Judy Biggert

Rep. Judy Biggert (R-IL) is a member of the House Science and Technology Committee as well as the Financial Services and Education and Labor committees. Her district is home to...

University Presidents and VP Biden Meet to Talk Innovation Made Possible by the ARRA

The presidents of six leading research universities and two higher-educationassociations joined Vice President Joe Biden and White House science advisor Dr. John Holdren this morning to discuss the scientific research and...

Headliner Breakfast Featuring Congressman Michael McCaul

With many NASA employees, universities and high tech companies calling his district home, Rep. Michael McCaul’s (R-TX) service on the Committee on Science and Technology provides him the ability to...

Research Officers Sit Down with Media at National Press Club

TSC hosted a roundtable discussion for media with the research officers from 10 universities on Sept. 17. The on-the-record event held at the National Press Club in Washington covered topics...

Headliner Breakfast Featuring Congressman Charlie Dent

Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) is a member of the Appropriations and Ethics Committees. 

For Future Prosperity, Sow Seeds Now

With the nation in the midst of the most job-killing recession in many decades, the US Senate should plant the seeds for the next generation of job-creating industries by reauthorizing...

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